Olive You


Olive is such a comforting color in fall and winter and it looks great on all skin tones and hair colors. These trousers are fun because they are boyfriend fit and can be worn in so many ways. I chose to pair it with a long side-split sweater because I am still trying to hide my post baby body parts. This would look great with a cute crop tank or crop sweater if you can rock it. Throw a belt on it and chinch the waist a little to give it that paperbag-waist look if you choose the crop top.


Olive is also a great color for the fact that you can pair it with so many shoe and purse colors: black, nude, cream, mustard, brown, metallic, or even wine.




This outfit is a great daytime office look, yet chic enough to head straight to happy hour or dinner after.

Which leads me to one of my best friend’s cheesy jokes…

There were two olives on the table. One fell off. The one olive still on the table yells down to the olive on the floor, “Are you alright?” The olive on the floor responds, “Ol live”

Outfit details: CLICK HERE

Makeup: Eileen Sandoval

Here are some other great olive pieces for your fall wardrobe

Extra dirty, three olives,


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