3 Ways to Style your Taupe Booties

I love shoes…..but honestly what.women.doesn’t. Wouldn’t it be a dream to always have the perfect shoe for every outfit? Not possible – mainly b/c my husband would kill me! But thankfully, I have the next best alternative.  Taupe Booties. About to become the cornerstone of your style wardrobe.


The reason I chose this style?  The chunky heel, lace-up and silver detail – sooooo good because it’s so darn versatile for the Fall. Fun little dress?  Wear the boots.  Skirts?  Yes, boots work.  And then, when the temperature drops, pair the boots with skinny jeans.  Your outfit comes together effortlessly because the taupey color manages to go with everything while matching nothing.

 Taupe Booties with Skirts

Skirts of any length and color will go with taupe boots. I decided to pair mine with a gray and white tweed skirt, beige lace-up sweater and gray metallic clutch.

bigshot-7844             Outfit Details: HERE

Taupe Booties with Dresses

Great news! You can wear your summer dresses into the fall and even spring time when you pair them with taupe booties. Wear them with tights, if needed.


Outfit Details: HERE

Taupe Booties with Skinny Jeans 

Pair your taupe booties with black, neutral (as pictured), white, navy, burgundy, olive and classic blues. Same rule applies to your bag! I chose this green fringe cross-body.


Outfit Details: HERE

Photos: Chris Tran

Makeup: Stacy Vizcarra

Hair: Lyz Montoy

Bag: Camino Brands

What are your favorite ways to wear taupe booties? As always, thank you so much for reading!

XOXO, Shawna

I have narrowed down my favorites for you here 🙂

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