Winter Layers

When the temperatures drop outside, step up your style skills by layering your winter fashion. Believe it or not, there is a formula for the perfectly layered outfit. I’m going to break it down, piece by piece, so that you too, can master the layering game.


Step 1

Start with a solid or striped, lightweight top in a neutral color. Although your top may not be that visible, it’s important. Your first layer sets the foundation so choose something that won’t clash or interfere with your other layers.

Step 2

Use a soft cardigan, textured sweater or button up. If you’re into making a statement, this is where you choose something with color or a bold print. I chose a classic black and white plaid flannel.  Here is your opportunity to add some interest and depth to your winter look. Note, denim always makes a great second layer because it goes with everything!

Step 3

Add a jacket, coat or vest. Play with different textures but keep your color neutral. I’ve been in a navy phase and love this blue faux leather jacket, it goes with everything! Throwing a jacket over-the-shoulders works beautifully here too.

Step 4

If the weather calls for more, add a soft knitted or faux fur scarf.

Step 5

Finish and accessorize! Play it safe and opt for simple items, your look has a lot of personality already. Use a belt to accentuate your waistline and add some flair. Hats, rings and watches are all great choices.


More Layering Notes

Building your winter wardrobe should be looked at like a “collection of items” that are all cohesive and work together. Setting a good foundation makes layering effortless.

You may think layering and think bulky… but it doesn’t need to be! By keeping your first and second layers thin, you will still look fitted.

Play with textures! A medley of winter-inspired materials will not only work well together; it will take your look to the next level.

Length and proportion is the key to layering!


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Photos: Chris Tran

Makeup: Stacy Vizcarra

Hair: Lyz Montoy

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