Holiday Gift Guide: 5 Staple Items

It’s gift giving time! Now is a great time to build your wardrobe around some timeless, investment pieces. Do you ever catch yourself uttering the words “I have nothing to wear” or “I hate my clothes”. Creating the perfect closet – and wardrobe – is an art form.  They are called “investment pieces” because they are undoubtedly worth the extra coins. Finding a well-made piece that you can wear over and over can hold way more value than devoting your clothing budget to every passing trend. So ditch the shopping addiction and commit to investing in these 5 pieces that you can wear with confidence.



#1         ANKLE BOOTS

With countless styles, cuts, colors, heel heights to choose from – ankle boots are my forever go-to’s. Venture outside the box and choose something with some personality that will compliment your wardrobe. Don’t let the word “boot” sway you either, ankle boots can we worn all year long because they are so versatile and work with jeans, dresses, skirts and shorts.




An outerwear essential. I don’t like to splurge on many things but I believe this is a must.  Leather jacket’s can be used year-around AND they look better the more you wear them! Note, look for a cropped moto that won’t go out of style.




#3        DENIM

Hands down, a mid-to-dark colored skinny jean will go with everything! And a higher-rise always gives the illusion of longer, slimmer legs.





#4        HANDBAG

You carry it everyday of your life, and to most occasions.  I believe a quality handbag is the ultimate spurge-worthy staple item. Choose one with a neutral color and you will use it forever.




#5    Sunglasses

You can’t go wrong with a classy pair of designer sunglasses. Made-up or not, I love the way sunglasses make me feel like I’m still “trying” even if I’m not. Stick with a classic style that looks best on your face shape. Well worth the money!

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