Bye, Bye, Bye…

Zap. It. All.

The body hair, the bad tattoo, the fat, the wrinkles! Yes please, and thank you.

LaserAway has been my go to, one-stop-shop for all my body and skincare needs for over 5 years now. They are a well established company with over 30 locations and GREAT customer reviews. I trust them because it is a clean facility and the staff always treats me with supreme professionalism and kindness.

It all began with hair removal…I started with the important bikini and underarms. I have had such amazing results that now I am doing my full legs (see video below.) I have only done 3 treatments so far and it is already awesome. I did a little test over the holidays and didn’t shave my legs for two weeks and barely any hair had grown! Winter is a great time to do all your hair removal sessions because you cannot have sun or artificial tanner exposure for over a week before the treatments. The most important BONUS for all you waxers out there….NO “GROW OUT” PERIOD! You read that right, you shave the area completely before your treatment! Hallelujah!


I have now become a customer of almost all LaserAway products and I recently had my first CoolSculpting visit. There is so much hype about this treatment that I had to see what it was all about. Well, now I get it…I’m hooked! I asked if they could just do my whole body… turns out I still have to go work out lol.

The treatment was simple and easy. I got to sit and chill (literally) while my fat was being melted away. Here’s how it went down. I stood up as they marked the treatment area and took measurements. The nurse thoroughly cleaned the area and applied a sticky gel pad. Once the gel pad was in place the suction piece was placed on. I was then able to sit comfortably in the recliner chair and then they turned it on. I could feel the suction and the cold temperature on my inner thigh for about 30 seconds then it felt completely numb. It takes about 2 months to see the full results so if you’re an instant gratification person this may not be what you’re looking for. I am loving my results and looking forward to getting more sessions in other areas.

I wanted to show you how fast the tattoo removal laser works too! I will keep you updated on the results. Unlike the hair removal and CoolSculpting, this treatment is NOT painless. Ouch!

Call any LaserAway location and mention the code “PeaceLoveStyle” for amazing discounts. I can’t wait to hear your LaserAway story.

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