Forever Dating

Life has a funny way of making you think ‘once you got what you want’ things will all be smooth sailing, right? What I have learned is that nothing is ever smooth sailing, it just depends who you are on the boat with.

I find that all relationships take effort, obviously. As time goes on and life gets more complex we are
all pulled in so many different directions. We all have boyfriends/girlfriends, husbands/wives,
jobs, children, friends, and other obligations.

A lesson I have been learning lately is that you should never stop dating.
Whoa lady aren’t you married?? Yes I am, but hear me out.

Recently my husband and I have been making a bigger effort to have date nights. The result…so much fun,
so much love, so much reconnecting. After having a baby and a rough year…we kind of lost ourselves
and tried to “keep busy.” I feel that this was our way of dealing with the hustle and bustle of life
and the challenges that come with it.

I have started a list of places to go, restaurants to try, and things for “us” to do. Always looking for more ideas, what are some of your favorite places? Becoming a tourist in my own city has honestly been a blast.
For all you mommies (and non mommies) out there…my husband and I just did dinner and a comedy show. Ali Wong was in town last week and we made a night of it at the San Diego Balboa Theatre downtown —  she had us rolling out of our chairs! She’s on tour so check if she is coming to your town,  if not you can find her on Netflix. They say laughter IS the best medicine, and my husband and I would both agree, we needed a good laugh so the night was a huge success.

As Valentine’s Day approaches, the “commercialized version” of the meaning of “St. Valentine”
and what it really is has become lost over the centuries. I think we should remember that each day is another chance to make our loved ones feel special or at least show them how special they are to you.

Why wait util the 14th of February to get your significant other a thoughtful card or beautiful flowers?

Life will continue to keep getting busier, we will have more obligations and stress added. After becoming a mother I have realized how hard it can be to leave your child too. Like I said to begin with, I have been learning
a valuable lesson lately. If I plan a date night, we stick to it. We look forward to it knowing we are going to enjoy this special time (alone) together and there is always a moment when I realize how much
we needed it.  I am sailing along in the boat of life with my best friend and although the seas aren’t
always calm, they are always beautiful.

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May you live life like it’s always Valentine’s Day,



Dress: Meghan Fabulous | Purse: YSL

Photography: Miranda McDonald | Rancho Valencia Resort & Spa

Makeup: Stacy Vizcarra | Hair: Lyz Montoy


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