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“Lounge & Listen” is like the “Netflix & Chill” for best friends. We all need that girl time to just stay in, chill, wearing our sweatpants (the best!), and talk. Now that we are older we have to really plan our girl time since everyone is scattered across the country.

We recently had an amazing girl day with our besties Bri and Nicole, you may know them as the “Bella Twins”. Since we have been friends with with twins for over 15 years we have a much different perspective of them than most people do. Mindful of the distance between us, we have all stayed so close over the years because we choose to, we talk often and on a very close, sisterly level.

Even if you don’t know who The Bela Twins are, there is a meaningful message. Stardom has never affected our friendships…never one bit because the twins have stayed SO grounded and centered through their rise to fame. We all met serving tables in college, so watching the girls success first hand has been nothing short of amazing. No matter how famous they are or how long it’s been since we have seen each other, nothing ever feels different with them, even when the cameras are around.

Of course we can’t help be reminded when we are out in public with them because these two beauties attract more attention that you could possibly imagine! But how can we blame their fans? Bri and Nicole are so beyond likable, stunningly gorgeous and they have two of the biggest hearts.

So… during our last girl session, we decided to take a step back and ask the girls a few deep, personal questions “interview style”. Funny enough, asking questions in this context was different but very fun and exciting, I feel like I learned a few new things about them both too.

​​What are some accomplishments that you’d like to achieve that you have not yet done?

I’d love to make a difference with the environment and animal rights. I live a life where I’m environmentally cautious and a voice for animals but I feel I haven’t become the activist I’d like to be. I’ve met people who’ve given up their lives and careers to help the voiceless and I admire that. I’d love to sit on the UN board and actually make a difference and see it happen in my lifetime.

I want “Birdiebee” to become a successful brand that truly educates, empowers and keeps women healthy.

We have our wine that comes out in the fall, I want it to be absolutely delicious 🙂

Be a good change in the world.

Buy a home for John and I.

Star in an action movie.

Become a top YouTuber.

Help make GirlTalk Network a global foundation that truly helps all the women and girls in the world.

Become amazing at playing the guitar.

Live life without pain, which means make more time for myself.


​What advice would you like to share with​ other women?​

All women can be successful. There isn’t just one spot, or one career type for a woman to be successful. Get off the “hater train” and start supporting all women and their successes. In my career I’ve unfortunately seen women want to sabotage other women for their successes and it shouldn’t be that way. Let’s celebrate each other and support one another.

Be fearless. Be confident. Don’t be afraid to fail. Turn every negative into a positive and every “no” into a “yes”. Your blood, sweat and tears will be worth it. Never give up. 

What was the b​e​st​ advice ​ever ​given to you​​?​ By who?​

My mom always tells me to live with No Regrets. She’s been giving me that advice since I was little and I take it with me in everything I do. Those simple words have made me a strong empowering woman who has found her voice.

So there’s two. First one is, “Everyone defines success differently. What is your definition of success?”
My mother had said that to me and it has really stuck with me. It’s very true, there isn’t just one definition of success. You have to find what your definition is and conquer it.


“Only count the money you have. Not the money you have on the way”
My significant other, John had told me this. This has really helped me to save my money and not be in debt.


Who is your biggest idol​ and why?​

My grandmother. She’s been my biggest role model on how to keep a family together, love yourself, have faith, have manners, act like a lady but never get pushed around and she showed me what a beautiful marriage is suppose to look like. This women gives her all to everyone and she does it with class. I truly feel they don’t make women like her anymore.

I have a lot of inspirations. I’m very inspired by strong, powerful women. I’m very inspired by the people that have paved the road before me, I have learned so much from and continue to learn from them.


​Name ​3 things you never travel without​.

My vitamins, face products, and cozy pj’s

Wallet, cell phone, and face products


Questions for Bri

What has been the most surprising thing about pregnancy?

The most surprising thing to me about pregnancy is how much fear you all of a sudden feel. I feel like I prepared myself on stretch marks, gaining weight and feeling exhausted but I never thought that all of a sudden I would have this fear on becoming a mother and bringing my baby safety into this world. I had to tell myself to stop googling stuff and looking at yahoo news. I started daydreaming if I’d let my daughter attend sleepovers or how open I’d be with her. It’s crazy how I’m already protective of this little girl that I haven’t even met. I started second guessing myself if I’d be a good mom or not. I started wondering if I truly knew how to take care of an infant. I finally told myself to STOP!!! It’s hard but I know everything will be alright.


How have you stayed active during pregnancy?

I have stayed very active during my pregnancy. I still hike 3-4 times a week. I’ll do barre and yoga here and there. I walk my dogs everyday and do a lot of stretching. I truly feel because I have stayed active during my pregnancy is why I feel so good!!

How would you describe your pregnancy style?

My pregnancy style is definitely bohemian. I love wearing flowy dresses that show off my upper body but hide my legs lol….having a bohemian style has made me feel more relax and earthy in my pregnancy. 

When do you feel the most at peace?​

I feel most at peace when I’m in bed with my husband and dogs. The comfort and love of all of them puts me in peace.


​Do you miss being in the ring?

I really miss being in the ring. I now sit at home and watch WWE as a fan but I feel that makes me miss it more. I felt so empowered and strong after a match but I know giving birth and becoming a mom will make me feel all those feelings I felt as a women’s wrestler. 

Questions for Nicole

Who are your top 3 favorite designers?

Louis Vuitton


Alice and Olivia

How would you describe your personal style?

I’m very glam. I love dressing up. I love feeling very classy and sexy. I love being a woman and accentuating my womanly curves.

What is the first thing you do when you have down time?

Spa day and Netflix! I love a great massage, steam, jacuzzi and quiet room with hot tea. I love smelling the spa smells and having no makeup on and just feeling bare. And I love me a good binge watching session. 

What is your biggest accomplishment?​

Becoming the Longest Reigning Divas Champion in WWE History and being one of the many women that helped Total Divas become a hit reality show and have such success that we were able to get a spinoff called Total Bellas.

What would your perfect date with John be?​

In Napa Valley, all dressed up, having a romantic dinner at the French Laundry with our favorite bottle of wine.

We hope you enjoyed this Q&A session as much as we did!

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