I Can, and I Will

This is Part 1 of my vulnerable fitness posts. This is real life, even tho I would have loved to completely photoshopped myself skinny in these photos, I didn’t.  I’m just feeling so down right yucky in my own skin and I am changing it. I did it before after my daughter was born and I will do it again. I can, and I will!

I am not criticizing any sizes or shapes of bodies because I think it is beautiful that we are all different. I just have a certain “norm” so to speak for what my body looks like. Lately I am terrified to show my body without just the right amount of clothes covering all the not so good looking parts. I feel like I am the master of disguise lately. I’ve had a huge lack of motivation following some hard times that fell upon me, but I am ready to start loving myself again. (see back story here)

I have called on the help of a dear friend Brittni Soo (Have you seen her body?? Holy smokes!) Now if you’ve clicked on her link you can see why I chose her to help me. She is a workout guru and knows a TON about nutrition and digestion. The reason I love Brittni is that she has the best attitude and the most contagious spirit. She really makes me believe I CAN achieve all my personal goals and she is always there to support me.

Here’s what’s happening: Brittni and I had a thorough meeting to discuss my body type and how my system works. She then came up with a great meal plan for me to follow based on foods I like. I took measurements of my body parts and photos (noooo I do not have the guts to share those yet!) I am now back to working out again and I am hopeful that the combination of these efforts will get me back to ME

I look forward to sharing my end results with you and I hope they are as amazing as I would like for them to be. Please check out my great friend and inspiration Brittni Soo if you could use some help like me. If you have more questions about what she does read her “About” section on her website.

Drachnik Photography | Lyz Montoy | Stacy Vizcarra | Brittni Soo


What are some of your fitness goals? I would love to hear them!

Thank you for all of your love and support,

Always, Katy


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