Building Blooms



Spring is officially here with flowers budding and blooming all over the place (even in the desert!). Celebrate this beautiful time of the year by creating your own hand-tied bouquet.

Need a little guidance?  Our friends (and floral experts) at Isari Flower Studio (our favorite flower shop in San Diego!!!) are here to provide you with some tips and instructions….ENJOY!



  1. Choose your desired flowers. Helpful tip, select them by color or texture.

  2. Adding green foliage is a nice accent. It helps break up and highlight each bloom in your 

  3. Clean the bottom of your flower stems from leaves, three to four inches.

  4. Arrange the flowers loosely in your hand. You can make your bouquet symmetrical by mirroring each like flower or asymmetrical by grouping the like flowers together.

  5. Lastly, tie a ribbon around the base of the bouquet with a color that best complements the color of flowers in your bouquet.




Ta-da! You’ve now created the perfect floral accessory to enjoy or gift to someone you care about.

For other floral needs, be sure to pop into Isari Flower Studio in Solana Beach. The studio is stunning! Full of eye-catching displays and custom floral creations, there is something to please all.


We hope you enjoyed this as much as we did! Happy building and happy spring!


Shawna & Katy




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