Swimsuit, Sandals & Sunshine

My bags are packed, I’m ready to go! Just kidding, I have two more weeks until I head to Meh-he-co! Ay Aye Ayeee!!

I’m here to help you shop for your spring break trip or upcoming vacation. The beauty about vacations is that time doesn’t matter and you can just hop around all day from beach to shopping, from happy hour to late night dinner and drinks. I love going on vacations because it gives you an excuse (like you need one) to grab a few new items for your wardrobe.


Pick a suit that you feel like a million bucks in! What is popular may not necessarily align with what works best for your body type. It’s definitely not any fun lying on the beach or hanging out at the pool picking and pulling at a suit that doesn’t fit well. Not gonna lie…pretty happy that there are a ton of cute one-pieces out right now. Shop some of our favorite suits here.

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The key to packing for vacation is in what you bring to put over your suit. Find a few perfect pieces that you can throw in your bag transform your suit into an outfit and go straight from the beach to a restaurant or a night out on the town. Step off that beach looking like the goddess that you are.

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Flats are your friend. But if you’re like me you will probably want that extra oomph. Stick to a flat, wedge, or at least substantial block heel for beachy trips. Uneven pavement and sand are no match for stilettos. You will likely be hoofing around town on a bunch of adventures so keep it comfy.

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Let’s be real, you will probably lose your hat, sunglasses, or dignity on vacation. Man those daiquiris just taste soooo good! It’s a good idea to consider getting accessories that you are ok with parting with should you fall victim to the margarita monster. Here are some of our favorite accessories of the moment. Yes you need a hat, tanning your face is never a good idea. We have sunless tanners and bronzer for that darling.

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Amaio Swim | Eugenia Kim Hats

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