Beginners Guide: Running

I am living proof that it is possible to become a runner…when you are anything but a runner.

Prior to having my son, I preferred just about any method of cardio besides running. But after he was born and reality had set in, getting my workout in suddenly had a different meaning.

Running was convenient, I could take my son with me and it didn’t cost anything. The only catch was…I was NOT a “runner”!


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Start Slow 

Being a newbie runner, I had to start by setting small, achievable goals for myself. I began slow, a mile each way. Half walking, half running. Pretty soon that lead to running both ways. I always stuck with a pace that I was comfortable with – working on my distance, not time. The more I did this, the better I got, the faster I went and the easier it became. Remembering to constantly challenge myself once a goal had been achieved.


Mix It Up

Changing up my running style kept things fun and interesting. Especially when “running” is generally something that can be described as boring and monotonous.

I had a favorite run.  It was not as convenient as running around my neighborhood, however if I could get away solo, this is the run I preferred. It had everything…a long incline, flat road, dirt, hills, distance and breathtaking views. I looked forward to this run, it was peaceful and beautiful. It always boosted my spirits.

Changing things up helped keep my interest level high. When I ran alone, I loved to challenge myself and run stairs and hiking trails. Although, I would usually stick to roads and longer distances when I was pushing a stroller. Establishing a solid go-to run that I could do from my house was a huge part of making running a habit. When I had the stroller we would always stop at the park halfway through for playtime.


Invest In Running Shoes (a good pair)

Pain? It could be your shoes. I never considered myself a “runner” from the start, and now 2+ years later, I’m still running in the same crappy (but cute) shoes! Check your city, there is a place here that offers a custom foot analysis for runners that will tell you what type of shoe you should be wearing.

RoadRunner Sports store locator → here. If there isn’t a store near you, they have a online version that could help point you in the right direction.


Free Your Mind

The more I ran, the easier it became and the more I began to understand what all the hype was about. Running was my personal time to be in my head. And since my personal time was almost non-existent after having my son, I began to really look forward to that hour. Not to mention I was burning a ton of calories! Even if I couldn’t get out for very long, a few minutes helped. I always felt better mentally after a run.



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Thank you for all of your love and support,

XO, Shawna


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