Healthy Hair Challenge

A few years ago, I suffered a massive hair overdose that changed everything for me. I speak from experience,  day in-and-out of styling with heat, and coloring my hair left it weak and lifeless. Unknowingly, my locks were beat down and sensitive. Combine that to an inexperienced stylist and that’s all it took, my hair literally fried off. As the stylist brushed my hair after washing the color out, my strands felt rubber-band like and globs of hair started to snap and break off into the brush.  I know it’s only hair and it will grow back – but it was absolutely devastating. I don’t want anyone to ever have go through something that bad. It took years to grow my hair back out and give it life again and I would describe a few things as “game changers” when it came to finding my best hair ever!


Get a haircut every 3 months, no matter what

Believe it or not, cutting my hair made it grow faster. By getting trims every 3 months (at least), the look and feel of my hair improved dramatically. Less split ends, less breakage = thicker, shinier hair.


Keep washing to a “must”

Maintain an every-other-day washing schedule. This can be difficult, especially if you’re active. I always wash my hair after hot yoga class but only sometimes when I go for a run.  Another trick is rinsing your hairline and scalp with water and keeping the ends dry. I do this when I know that I will be working out the next morning so I can wash then. Washing your hair everyday can dry it out since it strip’s your hair of all the good oils. Day-old hair generally looks and styles better anyways! And how amazing is dry shampoo?! An easy, instant way to freshen your locks. My favorite is only $9, HERE.


If you color your hair, be boring consistent

If you like change, are indecisive or experimental with your hair, I LOVE your style but chances are your hair is pissed. Coloring your hair from light to dark….back to light will do a number on the quality of your hair. Pick a shade and stick with it (not for forever) but at least for a long enough time for your hair get comfortable and it will thrive.


Figure out ways to minimize the heat

For awhile I would wash my hair at night and let it dry while I slept, allowing myself time in the morning to style it. If you must wash your hair and style it, can you wash and let it air-dry for a few hours before styling it? Or perhaps the opposite? I will often blow a few sections of hair that are deemed “problematic” to styling and let the rest air-dry.  Cutting out one method of heat each time you get ready WILL make it healthier. Think outside the box and get creative! Use a windy, warm climate to dry your hair for you while you admire your surroundings (my mother-in-law taught me that trick) Vacations? humidity?? Perfect excuse to forgo your hot tools and style your hair using products instead and cut out the heat all together. Personally, taming my hair in humid areas is a battle that I never win so I stopped fighting it.  There are some amazing hair products on the market and I shared my fav’s below.



Cleaned the filter lately?!

Have you had your blow dryer for awhile? Clean the filter screen on the back and I’m willing to bet that your blow dryer will perform significantly better. I just cleaned mine (it had been way too long) and I was blown away (literally) by how much stronger it worked and faster it dried my hair. Less drying time = less heat = healthier hair.


It’s ALL about the products

Hair needs a little TLC too. Willing to spend $$ on your skin? What about your hair?! Hair care is one of those beauty necessities that doesn’t get enough attention but can dramatically change the outcome. Here are a few of my favorite products that have without a doubt contributed to healthier hair.


If you must…

  • Deep Conditioner (once a week) HERE
  • Blow Dry Spray (5-10 pumps before brushing) HERE
  • Wet Brush HERE
  • Efficient blow dryer (I use this one by ENZO Milano) HERE    *Use Coupon Code: enzo1262 (40% off)


Styling alternatives…

  • Dry Shampoo HERE
  • Surf Spray (creates natural beach-waves) HERE
  • BumbleBumble “Don’t Blow It” (a great alternative to blow drying) HERE


Hair support…

  • “Invisibobble” Power Hair Ties (these are amazing and prevent breakage) HERE
  • Hair, Skin & Nails Vitamins HERE


Cheers to healthier hair this summer!

XO, Shawna

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