Fab 5 Beauty Finds | August

 #1 Kristin Ess Cleansing Conditioner

I feel the need to walk you thru my thought process because I feel like I’m probably not alone here.

  • See it at Target and assume it won’t be great because it’s affordable, but make the purchase anyways.
  • Read directions thoroughly and begin the process…
  • There is no way this can be cleaning my hair when it feels like conditioner. Damn I’m totally going to have greasy hair today and will have to wash it again tomorrow.
  • Rinse it out, I’m sure my hair will be gross when it’s dry, bummer.
  • Comb my hair, feels normal.
  • Blow dry my hair AND…
  • WHAT THE?!?!! My hair is clean…and soft…and super shiny! No WAY!

It turns out, this stuff works! This was my first time co-washing and it was a huge success. I’m only using it on every other time that I wash my hair because I still feel like I need the shampoo sensation to appease my brain. If you have fine or fuzzy hair like me (Katy) I totally recommend this product.


#2 The Bug Bite Thing

“Your bug bites are so beautiful!” Said nobody…ever! I don’t know about you, but I get ATTACKED if there are mosquitoes around. I used to buy creams and after bite products that would help ease the itch for a few minutes until I found myself clawing at my skin again. This is the holy grail for bug bites! It isn’t a cream, its a suction device that pulls the venom out of the skin. I was skeptical until I tried it, immediately after using it the itch was gone!!! Really! I had a mega bite that I had to treat 3 times with it but after that it never itched again. This little is slightly bigger than a tube of chapstick so you better believe it is going on every single adventure with me.



#3 Elta MD UV Daily SPF 40

Upon noticing my first few brown spots I became SPF obsessed. This lightweight formula has been my daily go-to. It dries fast and is not greasy at all. I can layer it with moisturizer and makeup and it won’t cause my foundation to slide off my face. I purchased the tinted version but I don’t feel like it gives any coverage if that is what you’re looking for. The Hyaluronic Acid makes my skin feel plump and more firm, always a plus.


#4 Charlotte Tilbury Color Chameleon 

This is a super cool product! A complete eyeshadow application in one, easy step. The ‘Color Chameleon’ is a color-enhancing eye pencil that changes/enhances your individual eye color. I don’t love bold eyeshadow colors on me (Shawna), but I find when I use this pencil, it’s so easy to customize the intensity. For a lighter (yet beautiful!) effect, run the pencil along your lash line and blend upward quickly – the pencil is “long lasting” so you have less then a minute to place the product where you want it before it sets. I also love to use the product in my waterline to really make my green eyes pop! My personal favorite shade is ‘Bronzed Garnet’.  See color match guide below. 


#5  Beauty Blender

If you don’t use one of these fabulous little sponges yet, let me tell you what all of the fuss is about.

When the sponge is used correctly, the dampness allows the sponge to stay full which will keep the makeup on the surface of the sponge rather than being absorbed, allowing you to use less product. Keeping this sponge handy will also allow you to ‘freshen up’ without having to apply more makeup. Simply bump the sponge along the areas you want to focus on and the makeup will re-blend creating a soft, natural coverage.


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