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I credit cardio (specifically running) for a lot of my weight-loss success post-baby. If you have followed my journey, I’ve have explained in detail that I never enjoyed running and preferred just about any other method of cardio prior to me having my son. However, once Brock was born I didn’t have much of a choice. Running was convenient, I could take my son with me and it didn’t cost anything. The only catch was…I was not a runner. I was very skeptical at first, and to be honest, there were a lot of bad days. But I am here to tell you that I am living proof that it is possible to become a runner…when you are anything but a runner.

As I began experimenting with running, it actually became very therapeutic for me and I started to understand why people enjoyed it. There were a few things I would consider “necessary” for me to include on any run and here they are:


I won’t bore you with the research but it has shown that upbeat and lively music could significantly improve the performance and have a powerful impact on your exercise time. It could be the difference between giving it your all and losing the drive to push forward on your run. If you haven’t yet, get yourself dialed in here!

These were my first pair of wireless headphones and I’m a HUGE fan. Wish I would have had them sooner actually. The music quality is great and they stay put with minimal adjusting. They are 15% off right now, score!

Adding this armband to the mix has also been a game changer for me when I’m running without a stroller. My iPhone 7 Plus hangs close to my arm tightly (without bouncing up and down) which was always a problem with arm bands I had tried previously.


InvisiBobble Hair Ties

These have been a hair deal-changer for me. I LOVE the Power version. InvisiBobble’s are meant to be reused which makes them completely worth the 3 for $9 price tag. Use one band a few times  and the coil will get stretched out.  Instead of throwing it away (like you would with an elastic hair tie) the InvisiBobble hair ties can be washed with your laundry and put in the dryer (don’t skip this step). The heat binds the hair tie back together tightly and they are like new again. Seriously, I love these things!!!



Running Shoes

LOVING your running shoes is necessary. Like I have talked about, I will take any bit of motivation I can get…and cute shoes is an easy one. I’m in love with these because the light blue surprisingly goes with a lot of other colors and they are feather-light and so comfortable. Tip: I always size up a half size in running shoes.

Current Favorites: APL Women’s Techloom Pro Sky/Midnight

 The Runkeeper App

Runkeeper has been my favorite running app throughout my journey. It’s measurements have been the most accurate (in my opinion) and I love the audio updates about my distance throughout my run.  You can set your own personalized goals and track the progress over time which is great for beginners or if you are training or learning about your pace. Overall, the app is streamlined and very user friendly.



Hat & Sunglasses

A breathable hat (or headband) to keep my hair out of my face is a must. I prefer trucker hats (I have this exact one) because they are inexpensive and I go through them so often. Tip: Wash your trucker hats in the dishwasher to extend it’s life.

Sunglasses can be difficult….but it’s all about finding something comfortable on you. These Oakley’s are my absolute favorite! I have two pair. The classic aviator style is my favorite and they stay on my nose which is so important with running & sweating.



Jogging Stroller

For me, running began after I gave birth to my son. Running was one of the only ways I could stay active daily with a newborn so a jogging stroller was a must. The BOB  is (in my opinion) the best jogging stroller! I have put so many miles on mine and it still cranking. Having the additional weight (stroller is 25 lbs alone) to push WILL get you to your goal faster and make running solo a breeze.


Outfit + Shoes by APL 

Miranda McDonald Photography


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