10 Things You Don’t Know About Us

Have you ever been browsing (stalking) someone’s Instagram or blog and you feel like you really know them? You’ve followed their IG page, gone down the rabbit hole and found their personal page, their friends pages, etc….soon enough they feel like your bff and you know their life story. No? Oh ok, me either 😉

The thing about social media is that we only share what pieces and parts we want others to see. You know, we walk around with perfectly ironed clothes, we have a good hair everyday, flawless skin, no worries or stress, and……errrt WRONG! We are perfectly imperfect people just like everyone else! We have hilarious stories, quirks, and embarrassing moments just like the next person. Here are some interesting things that you may not know about us. Hope it puts a smile on your face.

1. Our birthdays are only 4 days apart! Katy’s is December 13th  and Shawna’s is December 17th and we almost always celebrate together

2. We have the same middle name (Lynn) and both spell it the same way. Katy’s Mom’s name is Shauna. Shawna’s son and Katy’s husband’s name are both named Brock. It can get confusing!

3. Katy has always been a lover of animals owning: dogs, cats, fish, lizards, rats, a snake, and a rabbit. She hopes to be the proud owner of a horse someday! (Honey, you reading this?)

4. We LOVE sports! Both of us are softball players. Katy is a huge San Francisco Giants fan. Shawna loves football, her favorite team is the Chargers

5. Shawna is happiest in warm climates and loves the sun ☀️   Her favorite vacation spot is Hawaii

6. We both randomly love the number 13

7. Shawna was born and raised in San Diego but lived in Nashville, Tennessee for a year

8. Our kids (Brock and Quinn) are the same age and are in the same preschool class

9. Katy grew up in Tracy, Ca and spent the first half of her life living in the country next to produce crops and a sheep farm

10. We’ve been friends for 15 years. We met while in college in San Diego, working at a restaurant when we were 20


We have had so many fun memories over the past 15 years and can’t wait to see what the next 15+ holds for us. Have any questions that you are wanting to know about either of us, send us a message or comment below!

Love, Katy & Shawna



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3 thoughts on “10 Things You Don’t Know About Us

  1. Jessica

    What a fun post! It is great to learn “insider info” about you two. I actually lived in Tracy for my Jr & Sr year of high school (a whole other lifetime ago) and my parents still live there. I wonder if we ever crossed paths, Katy. I really only got to know people in my class at Tracy High because I only lived there 2 years. (I’m Brett’s cousin and his age). You both are gorgeous ladies! Love your blog!


    1. Katy & Shawna

      Oh my gosh, I went to Tracy High class of 2001. What years were you there? My maiden name is Warren and my sister went there too. What’s your last name?


      1. Jessica

        What a crazy, small world! I graduated in 98 and my maiden name is Smith. My family moved there (from San Diego) in the summer of 96. I only knew a handful of people in the class of 99 but not really anyone younger. You might have known my younger brother Bradley Smith (graduated 02) or my sister Natalie Smith (03) but they both went to West. I’ll have to dig out my old yearbook and see what you looked like as a freshman! 😉


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