Fab 5 Beauty Finds | September

 #1      May Lindstrom Skin, The Blue Cocoon


This cream is like butta..it’s not cheap but I justify it by the fact that a little goes a long way and I have had the jar for over a year and still have some left. I use this cream as a night moisturizer after cleansing and it magically melts as soon as you start to apply it. I highly recommend this as a great moisturizing balm if you want to wake up with ultra soft skin.


#2      L’Oreal Next Day Hair


Sometimes clean hair can be the most difficult hair to manage. I know it doesn’t make sense, but I know you feel me. This dry finishing spray is great if you need to “unslip” those silky tresses. I (Katy) never look great with super perfect hair so this is my go to product to mess it up a bit for that “next day hair” look.




#3      Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF 30


This is hands down, my favorite everyday face makeup. I’m obsessed with how lightweight it is while still providing great coverage…that lasts all day. The application is very smooth, great color and it blends beautifully with a finger or foundation brush. This product (combined with my favorite NARS concealer here) have been a complexion deal changer for me. Oh and the SPF 30 is a major plus!



#4      MAC ‘Mineralize’ Skinfinish Hightlighter “Soft & Gentle”



When I say this highlighting powder is amazing, I’m not kidding.  Beautifully soft, not cakey and leaves the most beautiful subtle glow. I use only a few strokes on my cheekbone, corners of my eyes and the bridge of my upper lips. Just the right amount of sheen without being sparkly. One of my favorite beauty products ever!


#5      MAC Cosmetics 184 Duo Fibre Fan Brush


If you use highlighter, you need this brush. Period. This light feather-like brush is exactly what you need to get that sun kissed look without feeling like you just clumped glitter on your face.

I lightly sweep the brush across the top of any highlighter (I use a more white color in the colder months, and prefer a more golden tone in the warm months) and gently sweep it upwards across the top of my cheekbones. I also dab it on the top corners of my forehead, and lightly dust the tip of my nose for that dewy fresh look.

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