Fab 5 Beauty Finds | October

#1     NARS Illuminator


This is hands down, the best cream highlighter out there! I recently discovered this product and immediately fell in love with it for a few reasons. It’s light, blends beautifully and gives off a gorgeous glow. I have applied it after my foundation (gently pat it with a finger around/under the eye and cheekbone) or mixed it in with my foundation for an overall sheen. The only trick it that you must apply it BEFORE applying anything powdered. There are 4 colors to choose from, I love “Hot Sand” which has a pretty apricot hue that I will be able to use on my skin tone year round.


#2      MAC Studio Fix Perfecting Stick


To piggy-back off the cream highlighter that I recently fell in love with (from above), I want to share with you my favorite cream contouring stick. Ironically, this product is described as a “concealer pencil” but I have found that it works beautifully for contouring. I have applied it directly to the areas I’m trying to contour OR directly onto a beauty blender and then I pat it onto the skin…either way,  I am impressed with how naturally it blends. I’m currently using color NW45, a perfectly warm summer glow, but I will probably go a shade lighter as I lose my tan this fall and winter.



#3      Eminence Organics Stone Crop Hydrating Mist


Another WONDERFUL product by Eminence Organics. I apply it after I have washed my face, before I moisturize. It leaves my skin smooth and hydrated. Don’t judge this product by it’s color….lol…the scent is actually very pleasant and calming. And if you have sensitive skin, you will fall in love. I have found that spraying it into my palms first (I use 2 sprays) and then applying to my face works better and gives you more bang for your buck then spraying it on directly.


#4      T3 Featherweight Luxe 2i Hair Dryer


Drying my hair is my least favorite thing to do ever. This dryer has been my savior because it cuts my drying time in half! My favorite parts (aside from that) are that it has multiple heat and speed settings. I feel that using the lower heat settings has helped the health of my hair dramatically. I’ve also done the research on price for you. I linked the most affordable one in the title, go ahead…click it 😉


#5      Aquaphor Lip Repair + SPF 30


Affordable, convenient, and it WORKS! If you’re tired of all the trendy lip balms that aren’t working, put this on your crusty kisser. Nothing was working for me and I felt like I was constantly applying just to keep them from cracking. This little tube is worth all 300 pennies and it has sun protection, sa-weet! 




What are some of your favorite beauty products? We always love trying new things, comment below and let us know!


Katy & Shawna

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