Lovely Fall Layers

Ok, we are super cliche when we say we LOVE FALL! No shame in our game, proceed with the pumpkins please. When it comes to dressing for fall, now that requires some skill. You leave the house and it’s brisk and smells damp and earthy, by noon its hot and you’re sweating your life away in your houndstooth sweater. Ugh! The key for fall is layering. When you layer you give yourself the opportunity to bolt to the bathroom and reassemble your ensemble (that is a tongue-twister) so that you aren’t miserable all day.

After college I worked for a bank and panty hose were a requirement, seriously? Barf! As a former 9-5 office employee I always found it challenging to make sure I didn’t fall into that rut of slacks and a button down everyday. PS – If you couldn’t tell, I really don’t miss the days of having someone tell me how to dress….lol.

This summer hottest item ‘The Slip Dress’ can be worn thru fall by layering underneath to help acclimate to the upcoming cooler temperatures. I feel like such a free bird getting to dress how I want for meetings now. Don’t get me wrong, this dress is definitely on the shorter side, but adding a opague tight or an OTK boot can help give off that professional, tailored vibe.

So many pieces in your closet can be office appropriate if you layer them properly. Pull out all the stuff you wish you could wear to work and then add your office pieces in to make sure you’re being respectful of the atmosphere.


I think, actually I know that I subconsciously avoid wearing jeans at all costs when I’m getting dressed. Don’t get me wrong, I love a classic pair of denim but I reeeeeeally love a good dress. And because of that, I was a bit excited to make an entire post about the best layering options to take you from summer to fall and crush it. There are some amazing layering tops/bodysuits that I have found to work with my closet full of dresses. This Free People basic layering top has just enough interest to be a little more unique. Here I styled it with a A-Line Tweed Dress by Topshop (obsessed!) a fun black hat, crossbody chain bag and OTK boots. The sheer sleeves on this top are fun and add texture and I love the slight puff shoulder. The elastic cuffs are an awesome touch because I hate when sleeves stretch out. The tiny ruffles at the hems are a sweet detail too. Best of all, this top is long enough to tuck in and stay. I bought the black and white and I’m on the lookout if they come out with navy because I will be buying that color too.

Layering Top / Tweed Dress / OTK Boots / Fisherman Hat / Sunglasses

I’m not trying to toot my own horn, but I love this combo! There are a ton of layering shirts in stores right now and I want to wear them ALL. A traditional summery jumper is fall appropriate by adding a sheer lace turtleneck. It kept me covered up in all the right places and extends the life of my jumper for a few more months. I almost always wear my hair up when I wear a turtleneck as I feel like it adds the perfect frame for my face. I always feel like I can take on the world when I’m wearing a great outfit. A friend once told me, “Always keep your house clean, as you never know who is going to stop by. Always look your best, you never know who you are gonna meet.” There was a third part to the saying but of course I forgot that part. Anywhoooo, my life lesson from that was, look good = feel good!

Sunglasses / Earrings / Turtleneck / Jumpsuit 


Style… The most liberating part about fashion is that there is never a wrong answer. Layering gives you the opportunity to take an outfit in any direction you like to let your personality shine through.


Love Always,

Katy & Shawna


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