Thanksgiving With Katy

Thanksgiving holds a special place in my heart for many reasons. What I appreciate most is the genuine time spent with family, sharing delicious meals, lots of couch time, and no stress about gift giving.

Growing Up…

I feel like Thanksgiving was always a blur. Maybe because as children we remember the times that there were gifts or big hype around more than just family and food. When I was younger I never knew that was the gift. One of my younger memories of Thanksgiving was when I was in sixth grade. I was wearing a turtleneck and a big puffy pullover Starter Jacket (because that was cool back then.) My cousins, uncle, and I were playing catch with the newest Nerf football, the one that whistled as you threw it. Again, I’m feeling extremely cool. The air was so brisk, surely my nose was bright red and probably dripping down my face. It didn’t take long and the football took a few wobbly bounces and landed in the storm gutter, it was long gone. Back inside we went to harass our parents about when dinner would be ready. I love all of the Thanksgiving foods but my guilty pleasure has always been Pumpkin Pie. To this day I think there is usually more whip cream on my plate than pie. My taste buds are getting just as excited as I am! While writing this I realized I should look through my old photos to see if I could find a picture from this day, I did! As vividly as I remember, red nose, turtleneck, and braces. Apparently I am still a huge fan of turtlenecks, I hope this puts a smile on your face. ūüôā

This Year…

We usually spend time with my husband’s side of the family for Thanksgiving. For some, time with the in-laws can be grueling. Not for me, I am blessed to have so many wonderful siblings and parents on both sides of my family. While it is hard to miss any special moments with my immediate family, I realize marriage is a compromise and at least I am having a blast either way. Our Thanksgiving weekend will consist of warm sunshine in the desert, golf, swimming, belly laughs, little kiddos running around, watching football, lots of good food, probably too many sweets consumed (by me), and lots of relaxing. What gives me all the feels is watching my daughter Quinn interact with her grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. Her genuine love and happiness makes my heart so full. Holidays in general bring a whole new meaning when you become a parent. Things are exciting and new again and it has the power to transport you back to your youth. I am so thankful to experience this in my lifetime.

I’m Thankful For

My Family

My Friends

My Health

Being a Wife and a Mom


My Home

The Food On My Table

Crisp Fall Days


Above all, I am thankful for YOU for following my journey and supporting me along the way. Have a beautiful and safe Thanksgiving.

Love Always,



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