Timing Is Everything // How I Met My Husband

“So how did you two meet?” It’s that generic, yet interesting question you get asked by strangers in social situations. In my attempts to make stories interesting I usually start off with, “He was my boss.” I’ve gotten some pretty unusual looks after this remark because people don’t really seem to know how to respond to that comment. I let their minds wander for a few seconds before I let...

10 Cold Weather Essentials

Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho, it's off to the snow I go! Every year we spend some time in the snow and every year I get better at planning ahead so that my lips don't crack and my fingers don't fall off. I admire those of you that life life in snowy areas because baby it ain't easy! Here are some of my must haves that I'm packing for my Sun Valley trip. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

The Best $40 I’ve Ever Spent

I bet you would NEVER guess I was talking about a jewelry cleaner. Sounds pretty anticlimactic, right? This little oval gadget has been solely responsible for keeping my bling, well, blingy. Yes, hubby you get credit too for picking out the perfect jewels to begin with, thank you xoxo.  I do get asked quite often if my ring is new because it’s so sparkly. The ring isn’t that new, but...

Getting in Shape: How to Motivate the Unmotivated

The past year has been extremely hard for me mentally and physically. I've been ALL over the place and my body has taken the brunt of the stress.

I've never been one to make excuses in the past with working out, but this year it seemed like I had one reason after the next on why I couldn't work out. It got so bad that I would eye-roll MYSELF when I would make another excuse! Everything going on was true; I've had a beyond tragic year so I was depressed which zapped my energy. Not to mention I hurt my back, got a hernia, no time, traveling, too busy...blah, blah, blah.....the list goes on and on. There were big feelings hiding behind these excuses. I was embarrassed, self-conscious and nervous about how soft and weak my body had become. But more than anything, I was feeling uncomfortable in my own body.... (click to continue)