Peace Love Style was created to motivate and inspire other women, to express our thoughts, showcase our personal styles, and to remind each other to ‘let it go’ and have fun!

We met in 2003 and immediately had a sisterly relationship. Over the past 15 years we have been through a lot! New jobs, apartments, dating, traveling the world, marrying the men of our dreams, and now being moms to the two most perfect little humans in the world.

Like many best friends, we have experienced a lot together. Years ago, we had a disagreement that greatly impacted our relationship. We didn’t speak for years and it caused us to miss out on some of the most important moments in each others lives.


Finding the Peace

Our falling out made us realize that we had some growing up to do and things we needed to experience in life before patching up our friendship. We were learning that we needed to find peace within ourselves first, before we could be at peace with others. Without knowing it, we were both doing some soul searching in life seeking out the best versions of ourselves. We are both so thankful that we used those years to self-reflect and not point the finger. Because of all the work we put into ourselves we were able to find our individuality, strengths, and our friendship is now, stronger than ever.

Promoting Love

It’s so much easier to promote love when you are at peace with yourself. One of the things we both feel so passionately about is that when women support women, we feel like we can do anything. We actively use our energy to promote positive attitudes onto all of our relationships. We choose to build people other up, put positive energy into our existing relationships and always try and make new ones.

Finding our Style

Style stands out beautifully when the person is confident, and confidence is about self-love. It’s important that you love yourself for all that you are, and most importantly all that you aren’t. We are all different, and that is what makes this world beautiful. Style is not just in the clothes you wear or the bag you carry, it’s in your grace, dignity and outlook on life.


We hope this blog can help inspire you with our stories, style ideas, or at least puts a smile on your face. Let us lift each other up and stand side by side in life, as we never know how long we get to enjoy our time here.

May you have Peace, Love, & Style,

Shawna & Katy