Over 15 years ago, best friends Katy and Shawna bonded instantly over the passion they shared for fashion, adventure and being active. Both girls grew up with strong female role-models, learning at a young age to work hard and to always be confident. The duo would often be asked about their fashion and lifestyle favorites. In October 2016, PeaceLoveStyle was created because the girls wanted to share their experiences in hopes of inspiring others.

Katy and Shawna are passionate about the power of self-love. They strive to promote positive body image and share their stories. They believe that personal growth should be everlasting by focusing daily to be the best version of yourself for your body and mind.

PeaceLoveStyle is a platform for the girl who is not afraid to take risks and live without limits. Katy and Shawna’s style is heavily influenced by sunny Southern California. They embrace the beach meets city vibe mixed with chic pieces from their worldly adventures. They represent the modern woman who loves feminine details; a little sexy, but also edgy.

PeaceLoveStyle hopes that you take the chance, buy the shoes, drink the good wine, and live everyday to the fullest.