Getting in Shape: How to Motivate the Unmotivated

The past year has been extremely hard for me mentally and physically. I've been ALL over the place and my body has taken the brunt of the stress.

I've never been one to make excuses in the past with working out, but this year it seemed like I had one reason after the next on why I couldn't work out. It got so bad that I would eye-roll MYSELF when I would make another excuse! Everything going on was true; I've had a beyond tragic year so I was depressed which zapped my energy. Not to mention I hurt my back, got a hernia, no time, traveling, too busy...blah, blah, blah.....the list goes on and on. There were big feelings hiding behind these excuses. I was embarrassed, self-conscious and nervous about how soft and weak my body had become. But more than anything, I was feeling uncomfortable in my own body.... (click to continue)

DO THIS! How I got My Body Back after Baby

The damn “hump”. This is what I like to call that very stubborn, last 10 lbs of baby weight that was overextending it’s welcome on my body.  Looking back at my personal experience, I credit a few things to my post-baby weight-loss and I’m going to share them with you now. In my opinion, the changes I made to my eating after I was done breastfeeding my son had a...

EAT THIS! How I got My Body Back after Baby

I’m definitely not a “trainer” or a “dietitian” but since I have had my son, I have been asked to share my experience of losing the baby weight plus more — So here it goes! I didn’t workout at all, not even walks my first 12 weeks of pregnancy, but I quickly picked up the pace once I felt confident with the way things were going. I always ate very...